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Sri Lankan Theological Journal, in partnership with theology.lk, is delighted to provide a platform for writers to contribute their scholarly articles in Sinhala or English, focusing on Christian-related subjects. Our mission is to foster theological discourse and promote a deeper understanding of Christian thought and practice within the Sri Lankan context.

We invite writers and researchers to submit their articles to [email protected] for consideration. We are interested in a wide range of topics, including biblical studies, theological reflections, church history, Christian ethics, and practical theology.

To ensure the quality and academic rigor of our publication, we request that articles be more than 100 words in length and adhere to academic writing conventions.

Upon submission, our editorial team will carefully review each article to ensure its alignment with our mission and standards. If selected, your article will undergo an editing process in collaboration with our team to refine and enhance its clarity and coherence.

Sri Lankan Theological Journal values diverse perspectives and welcomes contributions from scholars, theologians, and writers of various backgrounds. We believe that a broad range of voices enriches the scholarly dialogue and deepens our understanding of Christian theology in Sri Lanka.

Thank you for your interest in Sri Lankan Theological Journal. We eagerly anticipate receiving your submissions and embarking on a journey of exploration and reflection together.


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